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Consulting, Training, Evaluation, Facilitation, Mentoring
For Humanitarian, Development and Social Enterprises

AshDan helps organisations do their good work well, through training, facilitation, evaluation, mentoring and research.

The principal consultant is Bobby Lambert.

He works with organisations striving for social profit, mainly in the voluntary and international aid sectors. His clients include UN Agencies, the Red Cross and NGOs both large and small.

His professional experience includes 9 years as an independent consultant, 10 years as Chief executive of RedR, a London based international humanitarian organisation, 3 years as Executive Director of the Good Earth Trust and 8 years in academia. He has more than 10 years long-term ‘on the ground’ field experience in developing countries and can operate sensitively and effectively in a wide variety of cultural settings.

His practical and academic strengths in development and humanitarian operations are underpinned by a formal training in agricultural and public health engineering. A chartered engineer, he graduated from University College Dublin in 1979 and in 1984 graduated with a Masters in Public Health Engineering from Imperial College London.